Alammariya farm village

Project details

Area of site

6.7 hectares

Start date


Status of the project

Design development + Landscape Architecture


With an area of 6.7 hectares, the site for the proposed village sits within a larger masterplan of 36.4 hectares of agricultural lands.

Often the site temperature is noticeably low and the reason is that it is located within the lower bank of the valley of Alammariya, a branch of Wadi Hanifa. with a stream of water in the north that fills up during the rain and flood season.

It is also surrounded by the magnificent rock faces of the Wadi, creating 360o of breathtaking views.

Being a water way for millennia, the land is rich with ground fresh water and the soil is fertile and full of minerals, making it ideal for farming.

The project is to create a leisure village to house seven families, with a central private garden.

The village contains a main villa and six dwellings, gym and spa, guest house and restaurant, stables and an equestrian arena.

As well as agricultural buildings, like a barn and a nursery.


Conceptual renders